A complete system for non-native speakers to hear EVERY single word in English.

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Webinar+ 3 months feedback
About the webinar
The webinar is not just a video of me talking about the importance of listening in English.... I will be giving a complete structure that everyone can use to advance their listening skills and learn to hear every single word of what is being said. Everyone can learn this easily, and at their own pace. All participants will get a full structure that can be used long-term, an 8-pages-long guide with practical exercises and 3 months feedback from the trainer. Yes, me personally! I'm interested in your progress, and you will get an opportunity to ask a question and request feedback during the next 3 months, while you're working on your listening skills.

Natalia Tokar
Founder of UpSkillMe & CareerBoost
Four major problems non-native speakers have with listening
"I can understand the main idea but I'm never sure what EXACTLY people said, I don't hear EVERY word in English."
"After 5 min of listening to something in English my mind turns off....And all I hear is just an unfamiliar meaningless sound in the background"
"All I can hear is one long sentence without beginning or end..."
"I'm lost as soon as the accent changes, and I need a lot of time to get used to the new accent/person"
- hearing every word when you watch a movie in English

- understanding EVERYTHING your Australian, British, Swiss, American, South African colleagues say...

- listening to songs and being able to sing along, i.e. repeat the lyrics immediately after you hear a great beat

- enjoying podcasts in English without having to rewind several times to get the idea

- Feeling more confident during conference calls with your foreign clients and colleagues

It all comes when you train your brain to listen and to hear EVERY SINGLE word. All of this is just a question of consistent practice. The webinar is all about HOW to practice on your own without wasting time.

Your trainer - Natalia Tokar
Founder of UpSkillMe & CareerBoost.
You can read more about Natalia here.

What you can expect to receive from the trainer:

- A video recording of the webinar
- A detailed guide on how to use practical exercises on 8 pages
- 3 months of feedback on your work. Unlimited
- Natalia's personal collection of favorite podcasts you can use to work independently

What materials can you use for high-quality independent work?
PODCASTS. I'll show you how I personally work with podcasts, and how I keep on modifying the structure to meet my learning ambition, You can do the same.
SONGS. Everybody has this tool at hand daily... Not everybody uses it or knows how to use it.
VIDEO INTERVIEWS. One of the most interesting tools to develop both listening skills and spontaneous replies in any conversation with anyone
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