Don't Sell. Listen.
The art of sales meetings
600 RUB
It doesn't matter what you sell... it your skills, equity in your project, real estate, consulting services, or chocolate...
You need to connect to people, because sales is nothing close to following a script. It's all about building relationships and trust with people.

Join this one-time webinar to learn how to boost your confidence at sales meetings in English, how to connect and what not to say any more!

Natalia Tokar
You already speak good English
Use it to advance your business results
Learn to influence
Own the game
Learn to sell your business and your skills in English.
Deliver powerful presentations to clients
Learn to influence shareholders and the Board.
Own the room when you speak
Sales Professionals
Learn to make impressive presentations in English.
Get that promotion!
Speaker: Natalia Tokar
Public Speaking and Communication Coach
for business leaders and sales teams.

She spoke at Blockchain conferences in London, New York, LA, Stockholm, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Santa Monica in 2017.

Natalia has over 6 years of experience in selling innovative financial solutions, fundraising, and developing international projects in Russia, Europe, USA, Seychelles, The Caribbean, Hong Kong and the Middle East. She trains teams to give presentations that deliver tangible results for business and do not simply become another presentation.

Natalia has 10 years of experience working with business audiences as a communication coach and 6 years of experience running international projects as a business development leader.

Natalia is the author of all educational programs of UpSkillMe and CareerBoost.

The webinar took place on June 27, 2018
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