English Articles for those
who are still confused
A two-day workshop that brings clarity and supports people in
mastering their presentation skills in English
JUNE 22-23, 2019
Why we are doing this
We are doing this event because even the smartest, the most advanced, and the most disciplined learners still confuse, forget, or ignore articles completely.
The workshop is designed to help advanced learners understand how to use the articles correctly.

The FOCUS of the training is:
- Understanding articles
- Your presentation skills in English, but now - with all the articles in place.
Your Trainers
Natalia Tokar
Founder & CEO of UpSkillMe & CareerBoost
Jason Farrell
Owner & Director at Gouverneur International

When you present in business using all the articles correctly, you have a lot more opportunities to connect with people, because....

Articles is key to Fluency.

We're inviting you to practice with us.
Fluent and effortless communication is easy when you have practiced enough.
3 hours each day
June 22-23, 2019
unlimited feedback
on YOUR work after the workshop
June 22-23, 2019
June 22
June 22
What we will do
- We will test your ability to hear, understand, and say the articles

- NO boring theory that you have probably heard a million times... and you still have no clue. We'll examine articles in real-world examples and you'll learn WHY people use/don't use them

- You will receive homework to prepare a story/presentation that matters for you/your business
in between
in between
between Day 1 and Day 2 we will check everybody's work and give detailed feedback.
June 23
June 23
What we will do
- Practice! You will present your homework with all the articles in place

- You will receive professional feedback on your presentation style and structure of your talk. You will have a chance to improve it already in class

- You try - you learn - you understand where you went the wrong way - you correct your mistakes - you try again - you get different results

- You can count on our unlimited feedback and support long after the workshop is over.
Price - 10,000 RUB
You get a 1000 RUB off if you have taken Natalia's Public Speaking course
or her online courses before.
The workshop will take place here
Большая пионерская 13/6 стр 1
ARTSKLAD. 5 floor.

4 min away from Paveletskaya metro station
Contact us
+7 926 897 05 32
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